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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Rules Mark New Era for YouTube

YouTube, in an effort to tame and restrict some of the naughtier bits of content that make it onto the site, announced new community guidelines today.


Accordng to a YouTube Blog post, the new rules are:



  1. I guess we're not going to see Sarah or Maggie tied to a table with extra cleavage showing as she tries to wiggle free. Or Sarah and Maggie both tied together rubbing against each other trying to get free and...

    Sorry, my mind wanders sometimes.

  2. Some of the stuff about misleading tags and information makes me think of the recent myspace warning.

    A lot of people are concerned that it set a precedent against lying on the Internet and breaking terms of service. I imagine they'd already been planning these changes (because plans like that take awhile) but I wonder if the myspace suicide decision had anything to do with any of the specific points.

  3. What are some other video sites? How is Bebo regarding content?
    Because YouTube can go fuck itself.

    Where to now?

  4. no boobs no views
    no boobs no views
    no boobs no views
    no boobs no views

  5. lol....for a moment, I thought youtube actually used THAT photo of Emma as a thumbnail example...


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