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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nominate Your Favorite LG15 Shows, Cast, and Crew

NewTeeVee, Tilzytv, and Tubefilter have joined together to host The Streamy Awards, which celebrates and honors excellence in web television. Please nominate all of your favorite LG15 shows, cast, and crew for The Streamy Awards.

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  1. ...then again, we COULD just give them the gigantic middle finger, and not.

  2. You have linked to the wrong awards, Mr. Motion.

  3. That link is for the shorty awards, for the best Twitterers, not for the Streamy Awards. the link should be:


    I can tell you one thing, neither LG15 show is getting MY vote.

  4. ahh u are so right....so many awards....so little time:)

  5. O_o anon 9:10 PM & anon 9:30 PM are really rude about lonelygirl.

    seriously, if you want to watch it, do so without bitching about it

  6. Lately we've had some really rude Anons.

    I nominated Jackson Davis for best actor in a dramatic series. Seriously who is better than him?

    I also nominated a few others (and other series with community connections like With the Angels and the Guild). There are a variety awards, so you can spread the nominations around a little.

    There is no reason to be hateful. People work really hard on these series for us to enjoy. They deserve some recognition.

  7. Made some nominations for KateModern, LG15, LG15:TR, The Guild, With the Angels, and Dr. Horrible. =)

    I like that there were enough categories that I could nominate all my favorite series in the areas I thought they excelled.

  8. I have nominated Redearth88 Best Dramatic, and Sara E. R. Fletcher best actress in a dramatic series, and The Guild in best comedy. I haven't nominated the others yet. I'll get to it.

  9. I nominated Yousef as best guest star :)

  10. LOL @ the redearth nominations.

    Get over it already.
    It's over.

  11. Redearth88 qualifies, and they are still the best series out of all that I've seen.

    Really, did you expect anything different from me? :)

  12. Ok I admit I nominated Glenn for best writer of a Dramatic series for Lonelygirl15 lol.

  13. Jen, I don't think Glenn qualifies for an award since his videos were...06? 07? He could qualify with RE88, though.

    I nominated With The Angels, The Guild, Kate Modern, and Sara Fletcher myself. Not for her work in the RE88 story, but in that short series she did about the tattoo. THAT was some horrifying stuff.

    @Anons: Get accounts you lazy bums.

  14. I have an account, I just prefer not to get flamed by name when I talk about how let down I am by this bull they call Resistace.

  15. kay you spelled that wrong.
    i nominated Katherine Pawlak and Marnette Patterson as best actress's in their respective series

  16. If your not willing to stand up for what you think and what you say then thats just ridiculous. Anything I say I'm willing to stand by, if I'm not then I don't say it. End of story. Don't be such a pansy and hide behind an anonymous label.

    I kind of wish I had nominated KateModern now that I realize it qualifies. 2008 was long wasn't it?

  17. Look, I've seen what happens to certain people when they "stand behind what they believe" and are then forced out of The Community because others don't agree with them or even worse, force them out because of personal decisions they've made in their lives that should have nothing to do with their standing in The Community.

    Anyone remember Romy? Killthesmiley? Greg Gallows?

    I'll be as Anonymous as I damn well please, thank you very much. When people really stand behind L.O.V.E., then maybe I'll think about using my name.

  18. ok, I think I'm done with the nominations. Among others:

    Best news/political, the young turks

    Jessica Lee Rose - best female comedy actor, hooking up.
    Greg Gallows - best male actor, lonelyjew15

    Ralf Little - best male dramatic actor - katemodern

    Jenni Powell - best writing comedy series - lonelyjew15

    Woody Tomdorf - best directing comedy series - Hooking up.

    Cast of Sorority Forever - best ensemble cast.

    original music - impulse, Worldfiles.

    Now I guess we wait for the official nominations.

  19. I don't think anyone can really be forced out of a community unless there have been massive bans put again them across a lot of websites. (I also don't think anyone has been forced out for dislike of TR as a lot of people have been very vocal in those opinions)

    I very well think I try to operate in love. Even people I disagree with, I've defended their right to be here.

    I'm going to make some KM nominations because that show was freaking brilliant. I wish they had some category for event or series of videos (something that 12 in 12s could fall into the category of). Really as many categories as they have, there could be a lot more. I suppose web-entertainment is a very wide field with ever changing categories.

  20. What web site address should we use? Just lg15.com or lg15.com/the resistance?

  21. I've been using the Lg15.com/the resistance, though I assume both would work.

  22. Every year I always suggest way too late that we should have a Top LG15 list on here. Again it's too late. So rather than go through a whole thing for LG15. How about top LG15Today. We could have one for blog, comment, commenter. I nominate Anonymous for best commenter. And we have a prize ($100 gift card). I'm guessing Anonymous' greed will force him/her to reveal him/herself.

  23. I read a comment I'd like to address.

    "If your not willing to stand up for what you think and what you say then thats just ridiculous. Anything I say I'm willing to stand by, if I'm not then I don't say it. End of story. Don't be such a pansy and hide behind an anonymous label. "

    I always posted Anonymous regardless if my post was positive or negative. Then I made a comment right around when the thumbnails became overly sexualized. I got a lot of direct replies and calls for not hiding. I explained I wasn't, just didn't think I needed to put a name but if it helped I would. So i signed in under my name, Mike Howell.

    I then got nasty emails calling me names and telling me off. I also got some very nice emails from people like JenniPowell and Modelmotion but still those nasty ones meant I sent me back to Anonymous the few times I even bothered to comment again.

    I was not a pansy, I was not hiding behind the name. I was doing what I had to do to best enjoy my time.

    And besides, does putting a name mean anything? Wow I sure take the words of Sparklebunny much more serious now that they aren't hiding behind anonymous. They are a real person now!

    I'm not someone who posts much in the forums so I don't have the same reasons as the other Anonymous who posted but I certainly can understand theirs.

  24. Uh me again, Mike. I pulled Sparklebunny out of my ass for a screen name. Then it occured to me there could really be a person with that name. If there is, I didn't know and I just used it as I had a stuffed bunny with that name :)

  25. Joe: that's a really fantastic idea!

    And wow Virginian, I'm totally touched that you'd even consider LonelyJew15 for the awards...that is really a true honor. I'm sure Greg appreciates the nod as well. Though I really consider the cast to be an ensemble as they are all fantastic and I've been blessed to work with every one of them.

    I'm all teary-eyed.

  26. I like Sparklebunny, dam I wish I though of it.

  27. Cool, it wasn't taken.

    Try not taking my comments seriously now Anonymous. :)

  28. @ Sparklebunny: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant move dear. 2 thumbs up!

    Anywho...this crazy fangirl has left her mark. In my world, The Coalition Series pwn all :D


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