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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Prolouges of a Trait-Positive Fugitive: The Trailer - abandonskies23

It's been a really shitty week, so I had just enough time to make a shitty trailer. But what do you expect from a girl on the run? -Skylar

Music: Loneliest Girl In The World - Cary Brothers


  1. I miss the old days of Bree. I think if this can capture a similar feeling, yet be it's own show, it'll be really great. Good luck Skylar!

  2. I know this sounds nitpicky, but my only complaint is that "Prolouges" is misspelled. It just jumps out at me every time I look at it. (Unless that is some other word that google and myself didn't recognize).

    In case you are wondering, I majored in journalism. Things like that just...irk..me.

    *runs and hides in case her constructive criticism is taken the wrong way*

  3. if ur blood is about to be sucked by the Order, perhaps spelling is the least of ur worries:)

  4. I know I know

    Things like that just JUMP out at me. Surely I'm not alone in that

  5. It's a code, notice also the negative sign "-" in front of the word positive. This means something.

  6. thanks vee, i meant to look it up, because i know when i was writing my story a while back i kept spelling it prolouge instead of prologue. i changed it to that in the title, but i'm not offended, so don't feel like you can't point things out. i actually appericate it and anything else anyone thinks i can do to improve on my videos, just message me on youtube. /abandonskies23

  7. Is this an entry to TSIY?


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