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Friday, December 19, 2008

Season's Greetings from theCoalition

Hey everyone! The year is just about over and a new one will be upon us soon. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your support and let you know of some recent changes over at theCoalitionTV.com

As the site continues to grow and add features, Bob has also made a couple of changes and additions to our team. We are proud to say that the admin/mod team now includes three former LG15 moderators - myself (trainer101), Chershaytoute and Libra.

The 13thLevel - a story developed by and revolving around members of the community has been added to theCoalition playlist. You'll recognize your friends Cassi, Andrew, Jill, Maddy, Nathaniel, Kaitlyn and occasional commentary from Mitch. You can see some of them in the Black Friday story arc featured here at LG15today.

Expanded profile pages - You can now post videos directly to your Coalition profile or add images to your personal gallery and share them with your friends.

Twitter - Do you tweet? Twitter updates have been added to your Coalition profiles. Now everytime you update Twitter, you can let all your friends at theCoalition know what's going on with you at the same time.

theCoalition Viewing Room - featuring independently produced series.

Community Videos - Got a video? Post it to theCoalition Community Video section and share it with the everyone.

Chat - IRC chat is now part of theCoalition website. Stop by and say 'Hi'!

Expanded Forums - We will be restructuring the forums to give a larger presence to UGC, community activities and general fun and games.

There's a lot of new stuff coming so jump in and join us. Need a starting point? Check out this fun video from Ziola and TrueFr33Will.

Visit theCoalition


  1. Thanks V9000! We're working hard to make theCoalition a big ol' playground that everyone can have fun at.

    And thanks for being the first to post to the Community Video section!

  2. Glad to see all the independent CVS are still going strong. Looking forward to a great 09 and beyond. Our only wish is that we can all work together to get more people to join in and enjoy the stories. I know it is hard, but its a worth while goal:) Right?

  3. I feel special! Thanks for using my remix!

  4. MM: that's the goal. But even more than that - It's about keeping a strong, vibrant community alive, active and together - and we intend to do our part.

    To the Community: Ideas? Suggestions? Send 'em our way!


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