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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We Are the Resistance - Jonas (LG15:TR)

We Will Not Be Stopped. - Jonas


Artist: Celldweller
Track: "Through the Gates"


  1. If this comes to fruition, and is not just tough talk, this might be the greatest storyline yet. Its just two videos, but I'm excited.

  2. They've talked the talk before but never had the stones to walk the walk. I really question whether anything has changed this time.

  3. So if LBL wants to stop them all they have to do is give them a camera and a mix CD. TAAG will make another video threatening to stop LBL while they lock the door and call the police.

  4. Who's supposed to be filming this video?

  5. the best lonelygirl15 video EVER. plus jonas was super dreamy.

  6. probably a ..still thing
    a tri-pod. yeah, they probably just moved it around or whatever and edited it

  7. I'm not sure if i should hate or love this video. I'll love it just because Jonas was dreamy ...


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