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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who Is Your Favorite Couple?

Which twosome are you rooting for?
Reed and Sarah
Reed and Estelle
Maggie and Beaumont
Maggie and Jonas
Jonas and Sarah

Source: insideLG15


  1. I will stick to Bree and Daniel!!!!!

  2. Like we all know the only happy relationship on this show was the bromance between daniel and jonas. for sure!

  3. Bree and Jonas!

    but i guess i have to choose Sarah and Reed... bleh!

  4. Sarah and Maggie, all the way.

  5. Bree/Daniel

    Alternately, Jonas/Jennie

  6. Jonas/Jennie was my favorite.

    I voted Maggie and Beaumont, mainly for the sake of Beaumont


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