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Saturday, January 17, 2009

[114] The bird is the word - CharlesValere

The greek playwright Aeschylus said that in war, truth is the first casualty.

How true!

Do you know how Aeschylus died? A bird dropped a stone on his head. A bird known as Bearded Vulture, or Ossifrage.

Whatever happens to me, I want to make sure people understand I'm not crazy, I'm no lunatic fighting against windmills.

John Tyler knew it all. He tried to fight, but he failed.

The snake was in the nest.

2 years ago, Mary Kimberly Tyler lost her dad and mother in a car accident, and her world was turned upside down. Now, most people think she found a group of friends protecting her, helping her.

It's all lies. it's a war and it's all lies.

A trained assassin like Kris Lamont Cogan never betrays his kin.

Do you know what the natural habitat of the ossifrage is ?

The steep slopes of the Alps.

Who lives in the Alps?

Hubert. Hubert McEntyre.

The man who claimed his father was ROOT, although we all know it was a lie.

The man who was in possession of the keris that belonged to Mary's mother, Beatrice.

How was that possible? How did that happen ? People are blind.

It's all lies.

They never gave Mary a chance. Mary's like them, she's one of them, she IS them.

Like Beatrice was.

Now, I have an opportunity to end all this before she understands who she is. And I'm not willing to let it pass. I just need to get to them. And I know where to find the ally I need.


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