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Saturday, January 24, 2009

agora n1ckola eqal



  1. Oh, this is long. Would anyone care to summarize?

  2. Well most of its just stuff about social shows and I actually enjoyed watching it.

    Probably the most pertinent soundbite to the community was about Harper's Globe, which apparently follows someone from the local paper on Harper's Island (aka Melanie). So that gives us a clue to her role. They also confirmed she will have a small role on the actual TV show.

    There was a lot of information, PR, most just general but also talking about Lonelygirl15 and it's history, as well as KateModern and its history. Stuff like that.

  3. Yeah, I figured Melanie's character was something like that. I knew she played an investigative-type person. I'll try watching more of it later; I watched about ten minutes and stopped. Thanks for the summary. :)

  4. " . . . realtime test audience." So who's the real audience?????

  5. Wow, Greg is working that girl!

    You can see the sparks flying


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