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Monday, January 26, 2009

Blood for money. - abandonskies23

*WARNING* Contains violent & offensive language that may not be suitable for "minors."

It's pathetic how you thought I was one of your minions, Lucy. - Mark McKale, Member S.O.O.


  1. Thank you for adding a warning Skylar. We were going to add one but it was nice to fine u were one step ahead with a warning in the description. This is a great way to handle such content and we hope other people will follow your example when they have to confront certain issues in their series. It saves us having to make a judgement on whether or not to add one.

  2. We need LG422 to go on a rescue mission.

  3. Was she laughing at the end?

  4. Noo! Skylar! shes got my Skylar!!! ;_; I havent talked to her in a while I didn't realize THIS was why!

  5. Maybe its a trap to flush out LG422

    just saying


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