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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Candle (Sick and Tired) by The White Tie Affair (music video starring Jessica Lee Rose)

"Candle (Sick and Tired)"



  1. More proof that LG15 has the prettiest girls!

    I like Jessica as a redhead.

  2. wow my increasing interest in redheads ands there comes jess with the hot new hair just another perk to love her.

  3. I like her better as a redhead than as a blonde but my favorite was the light brown from the early Bree days, I think.

  4. I bought it on iTunes. I admit it. :)

  5. I bought it on Amazon. Very good song.

  6. I've had their album for months now -- I was so excited when I saw them on Soroirity Forever!

  7. I'll be glad when this post's off the front page so I don't have to listen to the autoplay ever time I visit lg15today...

  8. The autoplay might be with your myspace settings. It doesn't autoplay for me. People have had that issue before, but I don't remember the solution or if there was one.

  9. There is no autoplay for me either, anon. It must be on your side.

  10. hmm, I usually don't post myspace vids for this reason, and completely avoided posting sorority forevers videos when this came up. As best I can tell, the problem before was people outside the U.S. had autoplay. Are you outside the U.S. anon?

    I have no idea why that's the case, and its not autoplaying for me, so I can't see it when I post it. I will probably never post a myspace video again personally. Myspace needs to fix their crap.


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