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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Research: BrightSilence


  1. it is so hard spelling those 4 letter words....



  2. :):):) we did not fake it, honest.

    just check for yourself

    what is funny is that miles spelled it out at the big announcement.

    but then again, i spelled bowl, blow..... right B-an:)

  3. lol, trust me, this was an honest find, they seriously misspelled their own name...

    Check it out on the vid, for as long as it's still up there like this

  4. I know, I saw it too.

    But you had to point it out haha.

    I wonder if this video was already completely, ready to upload and they'd already seen it and that's why he spelled it.

  5. I assume that fixing it won't be that much of a hassle...

    I wouldn't leave it up there like this, but that's just me.

  6. lol i think any sane company would edit if if they knew about it..... i mean thats their brand.

  7. If it's wrong next time then I think we'll have a real problem....

  8. I really can't believe you would misspell the name of your own company, which raises the question, who made this video?

    *stares into the distance, while tapping his chin with his finger*

  9. Agora is pretty much running the show. its an innocent error and frankly not that uncommon - think about those instruction manuals you get from asia, the english is often laughable.

    all that being said, we laughed about this at anchor cove yesterday.

  10. AGORA put the U in EQAL..... join the fun on N1

    it was a secret message pple!!!!!!!!!!

    gosh these pple are so clever we have to think up their tag lines.


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