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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Strain?.....or 436?.... you decide!

Is the Web Breaking Under the Inaugural Strain?

Om just emailed that the web may be breaking under the strain of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, noting that several sites, such as ABC.com and C-SPAN, appear to be down.



  1. The 436 does not like anyone to steal its thunder...

    just saying....

  2. twitter stayed up! I was so shocked. I didn't get a single fail whale!

  3. YouTube also stayed strong.

    A final and clear indicator supporting the theory.

  4. Pfft, I know the 436 when I see it.

  5. Does that mean that the Order does not own Google, Apo?

    Hope so!

  6. It was 436's way of letting the president know who is really in charge.


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