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Thursday, January 8, 2009

It could be better than this.

From: http://abandonskies23.blogspot.com/2009/01/it-could-be-better-than-this.html

It could be better than this.


A challenging task I have yet to accomplish.

I'm feeling rather sick today and the weather doesn't seem to be helping much. The rain may have stopped, but the sun is hidden behind the gray clouds of yet another storm that will follow me, as it seems, to my next destination. If you can't tell already, I'm very frustrated and my heart is hindered on sorrow.

I twittered like hell last night. Mostly from texts, and when I did get a chance to log on to the web, I did find that more people cared than I thought.

The days are counting down on my life. I have yet to tell any of you the secret I've been holding since I started video blogging. I guess I'll save it for my next post considering I'd rather be woman enough to say it to your faces than just to type it out in an attempt to be small minded.

Everything from the past always comes back to haunt me. Every element that I've found to be more than practical about The Order, just wasn't, therefore they would no longer stand, in my eyes, as a god.

The stranger the occurrences of my parents play into my mind, I fear, my death will be painful and of no purpose to anyone other than the enemy. Both eventless and effortless, but I gave everything up for this life. Now I'm giving up fighting, giving up thinking that there was ever someone who would rescue me -- for a change.

From thehymnofnone:

@skylarbleu We are sending someone to help you. I hope they get there in time.



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