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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lets Fight Together? - LG15Iris2009

Phone upload.

We can fight and win.

Lets do it together!


  1. sigh...YES...let*'*s fight together, so I can hit you in the face and make myself happy.

  2. Oh Anon, you card.

    However, I do feel the need to critique a bit:

    This thing feels very half-assed. Look, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but a little more effort should be taken. Look at "AbandonSkies23" and "Lonefox101" for some templates on how to make quality UGC on the cheap. The key to quality UGC is to make it your own story while playing off the universe that's presented.

    Also, having a camera focused on your head for a minute in a half is very weak.

    Keep trying!

  3. that's one thing I agree on, Lime...if he would get a better camera, then it wouldn't be so bad. Cameras are CHEAP now. The video quality should be better.

  4. It said phone upload...

  5. ALL his videos have the same 'phone upload' quality. Just drop $50 on a halfway decent camera

  6. It's insults like this that stop UGC creators from wanting to make new videos.

    So he cant afford a new camera. So what?


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