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Thursday, January 15, 2009

LG15: Clones (pilot)

Chapter 1: Games of the Order, centers around Ryan's search for the truth of what happened to a dead friend. Little do they know that there are sinister plots going on within the Order, including cloning of girls and Eli, an elder who is above being caught, or so he thinks.
---------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Pilot introduces viewers to the main characters through this chapter:

Ryan Wood Ryan is a member of the Hymn of One in the UK, who is loyal to his friends and trusting of strangers. He is posting his findings which include vlogs from other characters in the show.

James Van Helden James is the British cousin of the late Rupert Van Helden (KateModern). He is a member of a sect of the Hymn of One called the Circle of Purity. Can he be trusted?

Holden Metcalfe Holden is the leader of the Circle of Purity. He is an opportunist known for giving away information for a price, even though he is not in the Order, he has much knowledge about them, somehow.

Beth A deadly Order assassin, who is a clone of Lucy. There is more to her character than meets the eye, and she will go to any extent to get a result.

Holly A trait positive girl who is a member of the Circle of Purity.

Eli Eli is an Elder within the Order. His arrogance and desire to control the Order and make it his own are his making. He posts vlogs outlining his plans and past crimes with the belief that he will never be found out. He has a loyal online following who view his vlogs and will do anything to help him achieve control of the Order in the hope that he will return his promise.


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