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Sunday, January 18, 2009

LG15: Lucy's Baby Daddy - Hymn0f0ne

Here is our eight week treatment: for eight weeks, we will write puzzles that people will solve. The solution of these various puzzles will indicate which of the men in this video is the father of Lucy's unborn child. (No, it is NEITHER Greg Watcher NOR Virgil, that would suck.) Is it LordGreystoke422? Robtomorrow? ApotheosisAZ? Iris2009? Only you can solve the mystery! Please note that Jenni Powell will not be appearing in the show: we just needed a Hollywood guest star for our pilot.

Lord Greystroke, father of Lucy's child? Scary thought.


  1. I'm just curious; who are they talking about when they say "Lord Greystroke?" The character in this video is "Lord Greystoke."

    What I'm asking is, did someone at LG15 just reveal they use this as a pet name for LordGrey around the office? Or is it merely a spelling error?


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