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Monday, January 5, 2009

LG15: The Show Is Yours - Now Accepting Your Social Show Pilots


Submit Your Social Show Pilot!!

Do you think you have what it takes to make the next LG15 series? Here's your chance! Submit your ORIGINAL LG15 PILOT and get the chance to see your show be the featured content on http://www.LG15.com.

The chosen video pilot may be turned into a full-length social show, which will be the featured content for eight (8) weeks beginning in February 2009.

For questions email [email protected]

Subscribe!! http://www.youtube.com/LG15


  1. Child abduction is part of growing up now? -_^

  2. now accepting recyclables of all kinds, including bottles, plastic, corrugated cardboard, and used motor oil.

  3. *reposted from the youtube comments*

    I kind of want to do one but... I don't want to do it alone.

    So if anyone wants to colab feel free to message me... I am soooo up for doing this. I make a good bedroom super hacker.... heh

  4. So not fair. I've been seriously considering making a trailer for logu using "Commissioning a Symphony in C". Darn.

  5. It's like watching a train wreck happening...

  6. then don't watch it anon 11:05 AM. just don't stay around to complain about it.

  7. anyone get the feeling that there is no staff now? This clip was made with a bunch of old footage and a preset text animation template....

  8. I would assume they had to let go anyone who is not working on the CBS stuff since there is no current show, no progress on the web site etc. Maybe they kept a skeleton crew to do what is needed.

    I just hope they can get the actors back if and when they need them for a new season.

  9. ...would it really even be THAT big of a deal if they just, y'know, started over? Whole new cast? Kind of a revamp of the series. Except with this one, they can plan a definite beginning, middle, and end.

    With no plot holes.

  10. I wish people with my opinions would not post anonymously.

    I would have said all of that with my name attached, for the record. :p


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