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Monday, January 26, 2009

LG15: The Show is Yours.....and the winner is....

Tune in to find out:


Amanda is live.

She thanks everyone for their submissions and says they were all amazing.

Amanda said her baby is trait positive.

She thought N1ckola was pretty cool.

Everyone should subscribe to Harpers Globe starring Melanie. They are using the cbs player so they do not know about availability outside the USA.

Ally who played NikkiB has a blog coming out later this week.

she might give out t-shirts

everyone who enters gets an autograph

Runner up: LG15: The Last (will also be included in winner's season)

Winner: The Misfits

The Show Is Yours was an idea that they always had.

Amanda then raffled a T-shirt which went to Lilly.

They are getting the store back up again soon.

Next people had to sing and dance for a T-shirt. Poknish won.

There is going to be a season 2 of TSIY

There will probably not be any LG15 action figures but Amanda is open.

Transmission terminated.


  1. Yay Misfits and LG15: The Last!!!!!


  2. No action figures. What have I been saving all my money for then?

  3. I think u should create a 436 action figure Joe.

    Just saying:)

  4. Let's not forget I won a t-shirt too, and LG15 might be coming to SXSW ;)


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