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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Making it count. - abandonskies23

"It doesn't take much to hurt someone's reputation when it's the only thing you have." -Skylar

Music: Far Too Long (Instrumental)


  1. There is only one thing that can ruin Lucy's reputation. A video of her playing an accordion with p.monkey clanging symbols.

  2. That is a very disturbing visual, Joe, but more disturbing could be to see Lucy in a p.monkey SUIT clanging the symbols!!!

    Skylar... one of the first rules in espionage is never to reveal your trump card too early (or that you even have one.) Just the fact that Lucy is aware that you may think you may have one will make her even more dangerous to deal with. It may also make her slip up, but when have any of us ever really seen THAT happen?

  3. Kageyuki,
    That is too disturbing to imagine, even for me.


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