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Sunday, January 4, 2009

RutEarth29, Rutka's Lament

First Date Postmodern 

So, I was debating about whether or not I'd actually post this yesterday after I edited, but I suppose there's no going back. 

Chane and I are going out today after I walk the cat, hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a trip to the clinic. I would have gone yesterday but their hours are insane! 

Wish me luck!

I Caught Myself
Go figure, just as I start to let myself out of my shell a bit this happens. 

For Chane's sake, I hope he knows how to take a hint-

Inside The Lobby

So, they had me turn in the bear at the front desk, they're going to do some tests on it then call me back...they said it'd be a while and I'm not done ranting. I'm just glad I've got a macbook!
I realize there's a lot going on, but no need to fret! If you think you're behind it's easy to catch up with the series playlist which can be found on 8beside8's profile:(Click Here)


  1. The show is developing well. Keep it going!!!

  2. "If you don't leave I am going to mace you in the face"

    Such a classic line!!!!!!!!!!


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