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Monday, January 19, 2009

The VOTE is YOURS: LG15: TSIY People's Choice

As an official unofficial blog within the Breeniverse LG15 Today would like to invite you to participate in a totally unauthorized unofficial vote for the "People's Choice for LG15: The show is yours." The results of course will have no impact on the official results but it will allow you the community to voice you official unofficial opinion.

If there are any errors or omissions, either official or unofficial please leave them in a comment below and we will try to correct them ASAP.

VOTE NOW!!!!! <=====
VOTE NOW!!!!! <=====
VOTE NOW!!!!! <=====

Note: no matter what Eqal Inc decides or the results of the unofficial poll, we hope that all the shows continue and that the entire community will support ALL the shows. Anyone who put the work into creating a pilot is inherently a winner so we hope that Eqal will do what they can to promote them all, so that all the producers have an opportunity to develop their skills and bring us great series either within, or outside the LG15 Universe.


  1. Note that you can change your vote any time over the next week or before the official winner is announced..... whichever comes earlier.


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