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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Web Video: How to Actually (Maybe) Make Money

The two thirtyish founders of Web video production company EQAL, Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, are too media-savvy to boast they've cracked the code for minting big hits from serialized short online videos.

EQAL executives say, an Eastern European version has just been licensed.


  1. bwahahaha...so sad....

  2. Alright, read the article. Anon, what the fuvk are you talking about?

  3. Eastern European version?

    Interesting. Considering all the trait+ girls we've known are of Eastern European descent.

  4. I think their biggest problem is going to be trying to make money in this economy. No one is looking for new ways to spend their money.

  5. Totally Joe. This is a time to batton down the hatches unless you have a cash flow biz model. Eqal needs to take a good look at their burn rate. I guess the depends on the cash flow from CBS right now.


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