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Friday, January 30, 2009

You Are Not Alone (n1ckola)

piątek, 2009.01.30, 20:23

Translation from Mjuzz
Okay I made translation, it's not exact again tho:
-Happy Birthday baby!
-Very funny, really! Crazy!
{People sing happy birthday}
-Now make a wish and blow out the candles!
-Sorry, that was Daniel's idea, kinda weird, but we're still happy that we could help!
You made really stupid face!
-Because that was good!
-I'm Rafał by the way.
-Olka, hi!
-hi!I'm Magda, best wishes once again!
-Thank you very much!
-so,I think we're gonna go now...
-No, come on, you gotta stay!
-If I were you i would listen to him!
-What do you have there, huh?
-Well, you haven't been good this year, but..
-If it's a PC game, I'll kill you!
-Okay, you got it, but it's not a PC game. It's a board game.
-A board game?
-Wow you finally got me a whole world at my feet!Thaanks!
{Phone rings}
-Hello?Hi Kama! Thanks, it's really nice that you remembered..
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  1. As soon as they decide to do the smart thing and add subtitles I'm cool with not watching this.

  2. I agree with Jenlight. I need subtitles.

  3. I find this quite watchable with the translation by Mjuzz. Context clues are pretty easy to recognize (I understood this whole video mostly without the transcript)

    I don't think we're the target audience for this production. I think Agora is aiming for Polish viewers, we're just kind of hijacking the series because of LG15.

  4. Thanks again for the translation, mjuzz. I'm trying to follow the series as best I can with the translations, but I agree that it would be nice with subtitles.

  5. Somebody posted a video of Aranżacja with subtitles on Dailymotion, that was VERY helpful. Mjuzz's translations are useful but subtitles would be great.

    I even went so far as looking into learning Polish via Rosetta Stone or something but that's way too expensive. So we're kinda stuck until they put subtitles with the universal English language on.

  6. It would broaden the audience to have an option for English subtitles.

  7. Subtitled version:



    From Russia with love

  8. Thank you for the subtitled version! Much appreciated.

  9. Thank you for the subtitled version! Much appreciated.

  10. Is there something wrong with the videos because when you try to view them on here it's just white?

  11. I can see them, Skylar. Maybe something is blocking it on your end?


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