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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catching up with The Burg: Is There Hope for Hipsters?

“Unfortunately, the emphasis on ‘millions of views no matter who the audience is’ will always put celebrity content and lowest common denominator over independent producers making smart content,” they explained.



  1. what a wacked quote.

    people can make whatever they want, but if they want someone else like advertisers to pay for it, they have to realize that advertisers will want some return.

    advertisers don't care if their audience is hipsters.

  2. At some point even big media has to be smart enough to realize that the freakshows like Fred, Smosh, Boxxy and Nigahiga just aren't legitimately popular and none of which will last. The problem is the publications are treated like a bible by the industry so the more they praise the freakshows and the more they crap on series's, the worse they make it for the smaller series's.

  3. yet, anon, all those series you cite are more popular then any "legitimate" webseries has ever been and that success has lasted longer (Boxxxy is too new to say that, but substitute her for Mrinian)

    also, though, fred et al. aren't even series in the traditional sense. fred has some storylines, but each video mostly stands on its own. smosh is bad skit comedy. nigahiga is, well, whatever it is.

    one hypothesis that might flow from this is that online successes will almost always feel very different than TV, but more and more webseries feel like 4 minute chunks of TV. advertisers like seeing something that seems familiar, but then don't like to see the numbers that a show with a decent budget like "back on topps" gets.

  4. i should add that a series like camp bloody beach, despite its shortcomings, at least is trying to not seem like TV. yet it gets slammed by newteevee for it.

  5. Okay, logged in properly this time!!

    The thing about Fred and Smosh's popularity in particular is that little to none of the growth they've had in the last 6 months has been actual fans. The sole reason the numbers are what they are is the fact that they will allow anyone to be friends allowing them to mercilessly spam their comments on not only their videos but on their channels as well. (Go to the Smosh or Fred channels on any given hour and all you see it "SUB4SUB".) This combined with their actual fanbase being kids too young to drive the marketplace and you have freakshows that have no legitimate commercial value.

    The problem is the fact that the NTV's, Tubefilters and Youtube itself shower these freakshows with awards. (Chris Crocker and Smosh getting the most critical acclaim deserving none at all.) All the praise they get gives people with money the mistaken notion that these guys are a goldmine when all they are is William Hung. All you need to know about Fred's enduring popularity is on Lucas's new channel which attracted a small fraction of the subscribers and friends that his Fred channel had. What you see now is his true fanbase and it is quite small and comperable to what LG15 had left during it's Resistance season.

    The industry needs to look at the shows that actually have real fans that may actually buy stuff related to the show or from it's advertisers.

    As for NTV trashing us, they did the same to other solid programs so consider the source...


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