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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

EQAL / LG15 Stickam Chat re TSIY (Feb. 3, 2009) (Part 1 of 4)

Audio from stickam chat with Greg Goodfried, COO of EQAL, Inc. and co-creator of Lonelygirl15, regarding "The Show is Yours" Contest (TSIY).

TSIY challenged fans of lg15 to submit their own pilots and treatments for a planned 8 week fan-created series to be featured on lg15.com. The winner, announced last week, was "The Misfits", with runner-up "The Last." On Monday February 2, 2009, EQAL announced that The Misfits team had decided to pull out, and that The Last would now be the featured show. Greg set up a stickam session (though his webcam never worked) on February 3, 2009, to respond to uproar in the lg15 fan community over the drama.

Essentially, it sounds like it came down to a misunderstanding between EQAL and TheMisfits over what level of funding (if any) EQAL would offer to assist the show. No explicit promise of financial support was mentioned in the contest rules, but subsequent conversations may have led to a misunderstanding.

EQAL / LG15 Stickam Chat re TSIY (Feb. 3, 2009) (Part 2 of 4)

See Part 1 for full information.

EQAL / LG15 Stickam Chat re TSIY (Feb. 3, 2009) (Part 3 of 4)

ETA:EQAL / LG15 Stickam Chat re TSIY (Feb. 3, 2009) (Last, Part 4 of 4)

Credit: special thanks to milowent of Anchor Cove for putting together this series of videos!!!!!!!!


  1. Geez, I don't know if I'd call Babel Brad Pitt's "best film performance".

    Seriously, that's a big call that I just wouldn't be prepared to make.

  2. Well, at the moment my comment makes absolutely no sense.

  3. Good vids, i hope you get part 4 up as i would like to listen to the rest Greg had to say.

  4. part 4 is now up! youtube maintenance screwed up the upload.


  5. Listening to the first one, I'm very confused. Yes, Greg is human but he's also supposed to be a professional and to lash out at people in his business forum in a personal way is still wrong. I'm sorry his wife cried, I really am. It's still business for them isn't it? It should be. Tough things happen in business and the correct response is to do your best to resolve it BEFORE it goes public. He didn't do this, he ran to the fans with his anger. (and I think also with his lawyering skills) To gather sides in this was immature and unprofessional... and purposefully hurtful to people, not just the Misfits but also everyone who feels like they have to "take a side" in this without knowing the entire truth.

    This is a painful thing to watch unfold. I feel awful for EVERYONE involved on both sides, and especially for the fans, who just wanted a fun show with the drama unfolding ONSCREEN.

  6. if amanda cried, it's most likely because she's pregnant and has hormones raging... seriously

  7. That a stupid thing to say anonymous (the one above me). Amanda cares a lot about the community and I can imagine that she cried.

  8. shall we timecode the epic fails?

  9. video 4- 3:25 - Fail. The Phbb baord is ALREADY integrated into the site. They just need to change the link on the header of the site and reactivate the user priveledges. Done.

    video 3- 4:32 - Fail. Talking about how 'easy' it is to shoot the videos...nevermind the fact that the 12in12s and Prom was made on a BUDGET with paid actors, props, sets...

  10. http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/index.php

  11. By integration we believe they mean having all the components of the site work seamlessly together. Eqal's tech team seems to feel that this can ONLY be achieved by constructing a site from the ground up.

    Our community tech team disagrees with this opinion and feels that integration can better be achieved by using tried and true web tools and has repeatedly offered constructive advice to the c.

    Who is right? Time will tell.

    If the Eqal team ever wants to sit down with the community team and discuss how things can be improved all they have to do is name the time and place and we will be there (subject to time zones and individual members other commitments and of course the 436).

  12. The best thing they could do now for the community would be to ditch the ShinyHappyPhorum, do a mea culpa about it and admit it was a huge mistake to push it out too early.

    That would go a long way in ingratiating phans back into the fold.

    They can always roll it back out when it actually works.

  13. How does n1ckola.pl do it with tivi.pl. They have phpBB, and when I signed up for the website, it signed me up for TiVi, N1ckola the phpBB forum AND the n1ckopedia.


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