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Monday, February 2, 2009

Inny świat - N1ckola

From Anchor Cove:

Re: 2009.02.02 Inny świat [Another world]
by Mjuzz on Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:54 pm

Okay, here's a quickie, so there may be some mistakes, that's not exact translation as always and stuff..
-Listen i didn't know what's going on with that light, i thought there's something wrong happening
-Because it was a whole complicated operation
-yeah like in CIA
-but we didn't have to convince your boss for long
-oh you awful conspirator
-and by the way your boss is totally easy-goin'{he's pretending him then}
-ooh, good afternoon!
-oh was it Rafał? Poles are as common as dogs in London, huh?
-Oh, come on, i was 'playing my role'
-So, we're here
-Here's our house
-Listen, we met today in kinda extraordinary circumstances, so maybe we'll hang out at some party at our home?
We would play in that monopoly..
-Ha, I knew you're gonna like it
-yeah, you totally suprised me!
-We would love to come by, but we're getting back to Poland tomorrow, and we came here just for couple days to do sightseeing..
-yeah we have a job and family in country..
-You know how it is..
-but hey, we can always exchange numers, just in case, so we can meet sometime..
-yeah sure, it's not the end of the world, maybe it's just half of it
-yeah, here's our card..
-Oh Wałbrzych..
-I know, "one big hole"? Naah it's not that baad, they just show it's poor in movies and stuff..{here he talks what do they say bad about wałbrzych[a city]}
-No,no that's not the point, i know Wałbrzych, my parents live there..




  1. Mjuzz's translation is on Anchor Cove if you want to post that.

  2. I assume Monopoly was a product placement. Quite nicely done.

  3. What about subtitles in video, someone had a link for it in the last video.



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