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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trait Positive [Contest / Character Analysis] - adrieXskittars


LOL. The video received an "All Time" honor. :D MY FIRST! Not for long though. After the winners are chosen, I'll clear out all the video responses. D:

Thanks to MapleTheory for extracting the maps for me! :D

Check back for daily updates!

I left out some things / need to clear out some things from the video. It was either because 1. I forgot them and thought of them now and 2. it didn't fit within the song. :D

- Submit your video until the deadline! Deadline: Saturday, February 07, 2009, 11:59PM PST. Anything submitted after that (Sunday, February 08, 2009, 12:00AM PST) will not be accepted.

- I won't be taking submissions from comments, messages, IMs, etc. Only through video responses!

- ONLY CHOOSE ONE PART YOU WANT TO BE! Don't choose all three parts or else the submission will be ignored. D:

- I won't judge your submission by how the video looks. What that means is that I could care less if your video's flashy. :P What matters is the character.

- I prefer the online version of Bannedstory. As long as I can load the Bannedstory code on the online version of Bannedstory, then it's fine. Make sure it's loadable. :D

- The name 'Elder' doesn't mean like an old person with a cane in the series. It's just the name of a high ranking in the Order. :P

- If you win, your name will be apart of the credits. In the video description, your name and YouTube channel will be shown.

- If you win, I'll message you and shat for contact information and if you have any questions about the series, concerns, etc.

- [02/03] If you can't put your code in the video description, it's probably because it's 3.0. If you can't, just message me with your code. Messaging me with your code will not affect your chances at all.

- [02/03] Everyone has a fair chance! I'm tempted to accept some people right off the bat! But everyone will have an equal and fair chance. Names will be chosen randomly for each character.

- [02/03] Don't feel discouraged if a certain number has tried out for a certain part. Just try out anyways! Who knows? You might win!

- [02/03]
Q. can we create more then one person for this contest? -pokerkid6
A. Only one character per person. Making numerous accounts will result in automatic disqualification.

- [02/04] Animation is NOT required when making your submission video. A simple video with just your MapleStory character is fine enough for me. Oh, and the BS code in the video description. :P

- [02/04] A PERSONALITY / HISTORY OF YOUR CHARACTER ISN'T NEEDED! The personality is really depended on what part you're playing. Watchers, for instance, are mysterious as someone apart of the Resistance are brave and outgoing. And Shadows are tough and strong but manage to keep their cool.

- [02/04] Don't message me asking to look at your submissions. x.o

- I'll let you know of anymore bullets. o:


  1. There are currently 93 response videos!!!!!!!

    Have fun watching them all:


  2. its now up to 121 and growing fast!


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