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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Glenn played the theme for " Three's Company" for the opening of the show which seemed fitting after last weeks show where he talked about John Ritter. In life any story is good when it comes down to one big misunderstanding. Normally it means you really messed up. People try to explain things like they are an episode in "Three's Company".

Last December Glenn said that "The Show Is Yours" contest seemed like too little too late because there used to be a lot of people in the community who would jump at the opportunity. Today a lot of those people are "professionals". However if someone came up with something great it would be a bonus for Eqal. It was explicitly clear they were not promising fans anything in return. People like to give Eqal a hard time, but it was clear because we all bashed the contest because they were not giving anything. Why would a professional want to do it? If someone did it for fun that would be cool. If they had done it two years ago there were a lot more people in the community who would have participated. Why not just do your own thing if you are not doing it for free? Now if you knew there was $2500 involved more people would enter the contest. A policy where you give nothing is one way to make sure "professionals" do not enter it.

We all know how things tend to shake out in this community. Why would this be any different? If things were going well they would not end. If you are an aspiring professional, why? Perhaps Glenn should have said something to Jenni. However it happened, Logan and Jenni appear to have gotten the wrong impression of what the contest was about.

Two weeks ago people were questioning if it was fair. That is why there was a runner up. This contest was intended for the community. It was not intended for former employees. If someone is willing to work for nothing why should Eqal object? If Mesh or Grant had wanted to enter and it was good, then why not?

Glenn is just talking about the situation, so if there was some misunderstanding The Misfits were probably just not paying enough attention. We all knew the deal. It seemed pretty clear what was going on with the contest and why it was a minefield of potential disasters. He is not defending Eqal. He is just pointing out that it is pretty clear what the contest was intended to be. Sometimes people believe things because they want to. We have all been guilty of that.

You can do an online series for nothing. Glenn has done it 3 times. It does not mean it is best for you. It will cost your soul and your tears. Max and Becki do their own videos for free. Exposure was supposed to be the prize. If you had something else going on why would you enter?

A year ago the world was a different place. Things were being funded by hedge funds. It totally disappeared with Bear Stearns. A year ago online video was ramping up nicely. Today it is Hulu.......there is so much good stuff for free. It is so much easier to do a commercial than "working in" something that is essentially irrelevant to the plot.

Glenn read the original draft for the Ice Breakers Sour integration video. 2 years ago that was an experiment. Today if you have a social network you can sell that. If you are just doing an online web series and posting it it Youtube.......not so much.

Glenn found it interesting that The Missfit statement said Logan made the decision. Jenni said there was a misunderstanding. Greg was upset because Amanda cried. It really was like an episode of "Three Is Company". Perhaps there was more going on than we know. Given the situation $2500 seems like a lot of money to turn down. Glenn understands that when your woman cries you do what it takes to fix it...... that is called a relationship. Most guys will do what it takes to calm you down.

Glenn just cannot see a situation where Eqal said privately they would fun a project if someone entered. If that happened it was a weird set up. If they were offered enticement to enter we are in quiz show territory. Companies mislead people all the time but, in this case what Greg said adds up. If there was inside information then it is entirely different but that does not appear to be the case. Glenn said that Greg sounded very sincere.

People have bones to pick with Eqal and they are coming out of the wood work. If just now your issues are coming to light it is pretty late in the game. Where have you been? If you are still around you are with it for better or worse. People love to tear down stuff on the Internet. Glenn's entire life, every time he's done something that's succeeded, there's always been at least one or two people who couldn't wait to try and tear him down. That is the nature of the Internet. If you try anything you are going to mess up an fail some of the time.....that is just then nature of things....... you just have to keep trying.

Glenn thinks Jenni Powell. is awesome. She is Glenn's longest friend in the community. They did two or three episodes of the hamster project that was never released. In working with her she has always been a sport. She has the best attitude of any professional he has worked with. Glenn is sad that things did not work out for her and he wished he had talked to her going into this. Glenn is the first to admit he has been in misunderstandings and he "gets it". Jenni is the type of person who cares about doing something cool that people like.

Glenn talked about how difficult the economy is right now and how LG15: The Resistance has not been able to get any funding. However somehow "anon" seems to think it should be easy for Glenn to produce RedEarth88. If you want to tear someone down tear down the guy with $5 million in venture capital.

Glenn will be back next week. Same place, same time.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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  1. Just a brief reminder:

    The "horse that he rode in on" could be interpreted to mean those who supported Glenn's work.

    If that is the case, I'd prefer someone who actually had a pair of balls to do the fucking. I have a reputation to uphold.

  2. Glenn speaks sense and has experience. LG15: The Resistance and Redearth88 are in the same boat, waiting for funding.
    I wish these anon's would get a name as their opinions hardly seem valid when they cannot be bothered to get an name.

  3. Nice comments from Glenn, he speaks the truth.

  4. Yeah, I also agree with Glenn.

    And the anonymous commenter has no clue what he or she is talking about.

  5. Glenn did redearth for free... but wait, wasn't he supposed to pay sara fletcher because she was a union actress? something smells fishy to me

  6. Some of these guys give 'Anonymous' a bad name.

  7. Some of these guys give 'Anonymous' a bad name.

  8. From this article, it seems Glenn has quite a sensible perspective on this matter.

  9. Who needs funding to have someone sit in front of a camera and say a few words?
    Hell, I'd do it for a hot pocket and a pack of smokes.

  10. I'm sure you'd be AMAZING... and smell real good too. :-P

  11. First time I have ever agreed with Glenn.

  12. Glenn speaks sense a clear perspective.
    Jenni cetainly has heart and i apreaciate all the effort she puts in.

  13. Apo I think I qualify as part of the horse. They can fuck me. I'm always willing to take one for the team.


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