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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Case of the Canon Video?

This video was posted early this morning as a compilation episode, similar to The Resistance (known as LG15 season 4). Though fans exclaim the written channel description and video editing is too professonal to be fake, no one has yet to come ot and reveal themselves as the creator. Question is, fake or not, would you continue to watch the weekly episodes?


  1. I like how I (a single person) am referred to as "fans," and I also like how my entire comment was reworded (no credit given) to make a colorful blog post...

  2. We would expect that LG15: The Last would be flattered if someone took the time to create a compilation episode that was consistent with their story line. It does fit with the LG15 tradition of community videos. Some may be confused with whether they are interacting with the series creators or not because of the account name but there have been other situations like that in the past.

  3. *cough* www.lg15nation.com


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