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Friday, March 20, 2009

Harper's Globe Archives Updated

Recently Archived this morning are four new articles, two of which appeared in the video "Fresh Start". The new articles provide more insight into the murders.

Sheriff Kills Suspect – John Wakefield

Wakefield was suspected of killing six people in a one-day spree. Victims were found on all parts of the island with causes of death ranging from hanging to extreme mutilation. The motives behind the killings remain a mystery and with the death of Wakefield, it may never be known. The victims' names will not be released to the public until a full investigation can be made by authorities. Wakefield's body is under twenty-four hour guard at Doctor Ike Campbell's clinic due to threats made against the body. The travel ban in and out of the island, imposed by local law enforcement, has been lifted.

Wakefield’s Tree Of Woe
Disturbing details continue to surface concerning the homicidal rampage of John Wakefield that beset Harper’s Island three days ago. Early eyewitness reports that victims were hanged from a tree near the Eastern Bluff have been confirmed by the Seattle FBI Field Office. In a grim press conference, Special Agent Terence James identified the three Wakefield victims hanged from the tree as: Kate Seaver, Harbor Master Christopher Cullen, and Sarah Mills, the wife of Sheriff Charles Mills.

Read the latest archived stories here


  1. I like how they make the jump from "he's a suspect" To "Oh yeah, he did it." Something has to be up with that.

  2. shiori, yeah, i agree. wakefield probably did not do it.

  3. Also in agreement.

    I have a feeling we're WAY ahead of the game here....haha

    Go us!

  4. "Harbor Master Christopher Cullen"
    Notice the last name! That is Amanda's doing I'd bet..haha


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