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Friday, March 20, 2009

Join Chas in the LG15: The Last Video Chat!

The live chat is now terminated.

::::: LG15: The Last Chat Tonight!! @ 7:00 PM PST - Join the chat!

Chas was asked if chas_sings actually meant that she could sing. She said that she was really embarrassed and that she was a songwriter. Chas was asked if she could sing something. Chas sang a few lines of one of her songs.

Chas said that because she wanted to be a nurse she had done some reading prior and so thats why they did not have to go to the hospital for the bullet graze on Bray's arm.

Chas said that it was time that she discussed the documents that Jonas sent. She said that she received blueprints from him, a list of all the girls in Australia and information on trait positive. Chas was told about the order and the Hymn of One. Chas asked Leigh if she was listening to please contact her that she has not heard from her and that she is worried. Chas said the boys rarely get along but they were playing cricket.

Chas asked the community about the tattoo on the guys arm that was chasing them, she drew it. The community told Chas it was a Shadow and what they are capable of. They also told her about watchers. Chas freaked out. Someone suggested that the e-mail was a fake and could have been intercepted by the order. Chas got defensive and said these are real lives! We are in danger! This is real!

Chas started crying and Jayde entered and comforted her. Jayde left and Chas continued to talk about the girls and she confirmed that they were staying in Mitch's grandparents‚ house and that the grandparents‚ were not there.

She said she was happy that she was with Jayde and that Antonia was on her way if she ever was able to get a flight back. She said, "Together we are stronger!" and "Knowledge is power! Thanks to everyone for their help and she couldn't have done it without them."

Jayde entered and said Hi to everyone and said that what Chas was told by everyone needed to be discussed with Mitch and Bray.

Chas said bye to everyone and said to e-mail her at [email protected] if they need to talk or have any more information for her. She hopes to talk with everyone soon.

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  1. I want to come. My computer doesn't like Stickam. HAVE FUN!

  2. I wonder how many times of every single participant complaining it needs until the Cs grasp that stickam sucks and doesn't work.

  3. Her singing was beautiful, and she cried in a live chat, which was impressive. Two redeeming qualities. Still...I'm not into The Last yet.

  4. It was good, at least on par with the other live chats, up until the point where she acknowledged that parts of the uploaded videos were not hers.
    That's just dumb.

    If you go for the whole omnipotent observer thing and also have us see Order's perspective every once in a while, you can't openly acknowledge it.

    This way, what they are basically saying is "the Order uploaded internal communication and meetings straight into their victims' videos". What logical reason would the Order have to do that?

    "Hey, there are these people we're trying to hunt down...let's hack their videos and show them just how close we are, and how we prepare to catch them - it'll be fun!"

    It's a pity, 'cause the approach worked really well - especially in the latest video. Now it's just silly.

  5. What? i think this makes it more eery..i mean who knows, it could be chas whos uploading this footage why else would she point it out to us??
    I luv the vibe of the series and the surveillance angle is awesome!!

  6. I wholeheartedly disagree, Gade. If Chas sees what we see, it would make no sense for her NOT to acknowledge it. In fact, that's what was bugging me most about The Last: the fact that a character uploaded a video and then random Order footage magically appeared. Was her explanation a good one? No, but at least there was one.

  7. Has anyone written to her at the e-mail. Perhaps we can get some more in depth explanation that way.

  8. We'll get something other than crappy stickam chats when they fix the lg website...

  9. Thad, that is like saying "I thought is sucked that the characters in the Resistance never wondered who spliced their videos together and added opening credits each week."

    If the show has an omnipresent observer point of view, the individual characters are not supposed to know about it. That's not "magically appearing", that's an ages old technique of narration. You don't watch Matrix and complain "Hey, how do we know what the agents discuss?", do you?

    And I strongly disagree with the notion that "any explanation is better than none". No explanation would have left it as a valid way of narration. This explanation means we're supposed to believe the Order has nothing better to do than hacking LG15 and inserting unexplained videos of internal meetings into public videos of the enemy.

  10. It would be nice to get the main links fixed. I mean how hard is it to fix a few html links? And yea we totally get that Eqal is busy with HG but we are not talking about a complete revamp of the site. Its a handful of simple html links and they have an experienced programmer team so what is the problem? What is the hold up?

  11. You mean the 30000 HG postings a day means they're busy on HG?

  12. 'Gade, it was assumed that Maggie spliced the videos together, although I DID think it sucked that there was always an opening logo at the beginning of those weekly vids.

    I also think it sucks that "Harper's Globe" posts on www.harpersglobe.com about the characters.

    This isn't The Matrix. This isn't a movie and this isn't television. To use the Creator-coined term, this is a social show and, in a social show, the events are supposed to be part of reality. A social show should, in a perfect world, look like it was real. EQAL does a good job of this, but they falter in stupid situations.

    1. Annotations in videos. ("Talk to Robin at harpersglobe.com!" or "Why won't anyone take her flier?")

    NOTE: If the annotation said "Talk to me at harpersglobe.com" or "Why won't anyone take my flier" it would be okay. However, these third-person annotations are adding an out-of-game perspective to an in-game video.

    2. jonastko and danielbeast commenting on Harper's Globe videos.

    3. Logos on videos.

    4. Amanda being in chat tonight and Chas talking to her.

    Things like this (avoidable things, at that) shouldn't happen because they take away the faux-reality atmosphere that EQAL tries to desperately to build up. If something extraordinary DOES happen, an explanation that keeps my perception of a "real" universe in check is much appreciated by myself.

  13. Oh, and before I forget, Reed insisting he wasn't canon before LG15: The Resistance started. That pissed me off more than anything.

  14. I assume The Last has some sort of game plan, but I think Ren makes a good point that it was simpler before. But, things are still in play so we really do not know where they are going with this. Right?

  15. Great comments about the nature of a social show Thad. At times, marketing is vital but there is no reason to break the "illusion" that makes a social show real in the first place.

  16. That: But that's exactly my point. It worked fine as long as they didn't pretend the videos were blogs. Now that they do, it's falling apart, because pretending obviously non-blog videos are blogs that have been hacked by the Order which inserted internal information into them makes no sense at all.

    I'm all for it looking like it is real. It's just that they started out making it look like the exact opposite of the spectrum, and are now switching horses mid-race.
    And it doesn't work. Because it makes no sense on several accounts.

  17. You think they might have a path out of the dilemma Ren? Or perhaps some devilish twist?

  18. I see. I guess I'm just saying that they should have looked like blogs in the first place, since that is what EQAL professes they are all about, and if the crew of The Last wants to be of that caliber, they need to step up.

  19. I agree in so far as that, if they wanted to make vlog-like, they should have done so clearly from the start. No doubt about that.

    As I said above, though, I, personally, didn't mind the omnipresent approach - probably even because EQAL's approach is different. It added a new angle to it.
    Therefore, I would not make that a requirement for reaching the "caliber" of EQAL.

    But that, ultimately, is a question that's down to personal tastes and preferences :)

  20. Sorry model, forgot to reply to you xD

    A way out of the dilemma? I, personally, don't think so. In my eyes, this is similar to Reed acknowledging Amanda and Community Appreciation Week before the Resistance: A character showing way, WAY too much awareness of what is happening. That Chas acknowledged Amanda in chat as well sort of still works, because she said hi to a number of other people as well, and, unlike Reed, didn't acknowledge Amanda as anyone special; basically, she treated Amanda like any other fan, and thus didn't break the illusion. It was unfortunate and probably spontaneous on the actress's part, but didn't necessarily violate the fourth wall.

    Being aware of stuff that, in my eyes, was never meant to exist from her perspective, however, is an entirely different issue. One that, in my opinion, cannot be fixed.

    Luckily, I'm not the only one with opinions in the community :)

    The wonderful JazmynGrey theorized earlier that Chas actually is the Aussie Lucy we saw in the first(?) The Last video, and that this is all a trick to get all the remaining trait+ girls united in one place, to catch them all at once.
    While I am not convinced of the writing quality of that hypothetical twist, it would explain how Chas either mysteriously failed to notice that her videos were significantly altered by The Order, or she even did it herself. (Jaz's theory as well, I think.)

    So yeah... if you're willing to accept EQAL-like plot "twists", they might be able to explain it away somehow. But they should definitely pick a style and stay with it now.

  21. "That Chas acknowledged Amanda in chat as well sort of still works, because she said hi to a number of other people as well, and, unlike Reed, didn't acknowledge Amanda as anyone special; basically, she treated Amanda like any other fan, and thus didn't break the illusion. It was unfortunate and probably spontaneous on the actress's part, but didn't necessarily violate the fourth wall."

    - that is a pretty fair analysis. Now and again you have to think through the reality stuff like with Adam Lamar .....but in this context Amanda was just another participant. It is possible to think of her presence as just a "character" extension of her real world reality and Chas's reaction to a character she is apparently familiar with.

  22. Yes, and Lucy is Amanda's evil twin...

    'Gade, you're right, it was probably a slip on the actress's part, and all things considered, it's not that big of a deal, but Amanda shouldn't have even shown up on camera. In fact, if it was me, I would have made another Stickam account other than lgfifteen, or even not logged in all together and watched silently. Like I said, these things can be avoided, and it's simple, but EQAL drops the ball far more than I would like to allow.

    Sidenote: I like Jaz's theory, but wasn't there some Order footage in one of Toni's videos too?

  23. I agree whole-heartedly. While I understand the Cs were curious to see how others handle a live chat, it could have happened in a more low-key fashion. It would have been as simple as just watching from the profile page instead of joining the chat room.

    And while I am too lazy to check if Toni had Order footage as well (it is possible), if one is arguing on that level anyway, you can point out that Chas has control of the account (LG15) as well, and could have downloaded, modified and reuploaded the video.

    But imo, it's one of those situations where acknowledging a mistake and never speaking of it again would work better than trying to explain it away through some ridiculous plot twist.

    Think Emma's Touch of Death. While it was nice that the Cs acknowledged that the community didn't like the magic angle and tried to explain it away, making it that Jonas was dumb enough to believe in played magic to the extent that all it took for him to deliberately hand over Emma to the enemy was a random Watcher playing possum wasn't all that much better.
    It makes more sense than magic, but makes the entire group look like retards in turn.

    This is like that. They should just continue as before and ignore that that remark was ever done (and so should we). That works much better in the long run than trying to explain something that makes no sense.

  24. Those posts of Renegade's were the shortest I have ever seen; ergo, he has adopted a new format designed to have been perused.

    Of course, the fact that they are a continuance of his constant criticism of fan contribution is not lost on me.

    I applaud his contribution.

  25. i caught most of the video chat and thought it was pretty well done.

  26. i like the new pics up with the chat info..it really captures what happened for those of us who missed it...i was just wondering if anyone knew what the tattoo on Chas's wrist ment and why else would it be shown on here..anyone know??

  27. @anonymous: It was shown because she used her arms to explain that shadow had "some weird black thing on his arm", revealing her own tattoo in the process.
    I don't think it means anything (story wise), they just didn't foresee that Chas having a tattoo on her arm while pointing out a tattoo on someone's arm might be notable.

    Then again, I don't read Asian. It could read "I killed Bree" right there and I wouldn't know.

    @Apo: You will find that I said "It was good, at least on par with the other live chats [...]", as well as "the approach worked really well - especially in the latest video", as well as "I, personally, didn't mind the omnipresent approach [...]. It added a new angle to it." on this page alone.
    And I have expressed my love for The Last clearer elsewhere. It's just that, especially because I like the series, it hurts even more that they have to go pull an EQAL and start with nonsense.

    (And I resent the notion that I am critical of every and all "fan contribution", no matter what. I just don't automatically see a video as God's Work just because it was made by a fan instead of EQAL.)

  28. I, for one, enjoy the newer succinct nature of Ren's arguments and have actually enjoyed this conversation (as opposed to some 'Pedia arguments last year).

  29. @Renegade: I clearly agree with Thad and enjoy the brief style you have adopted and I couldn't resist a small jab in pointing out that you are once again criticizing a fan work.

    I'm also getting more of a sense of your passion in this new style.

    The folks producing the Last are clearly open to input from the community. I have a feeling they will also be able to derive something useful from your comments.

  30. Could we stop counting my lines and focus on the matter at hand? :P

    It's nice not to get yelled at for a change, but the length of my posts is directly relational to how much needs to be said, that's all.
    If somebody asked for elaboration, I'd have no choice but to write more.

    As for the jab...with EQAL not having produced a series for 3 months now, there is nothing else to criticize :P ;)

    (Sidenote: Writing like this feels like I'm only writing half a post. It sucks, feels unfinished, and lacks references. Sort of like a bad Wikipedia page.)

  31. Good to hear that you like the series renegade but it seems to me all ur getting worked up on is the fact that Chas acknowledged Amanda when she also acknowledged others.

    Dont get me wrong I do like to hear your theories and thoughts

  32. It seems to me like you managed to read the exact opposite of what I wrote.


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