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Monday, March 9, 2009

LG15: The Last, Updates to LGPedia, and Harper’s Globe

From insideLG15:

"I hope you are all as excited as I am about the launch of LG15: The Last! The trailer looked awesome and the first episode was really great. The team in Australia is working hard to produce an amazing show for the LG15 community to enjoy so we hope you will all show your support by watching it and rooting them on.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but Greg and I and the entire team at EQAL have been super busy gearing up for the launch of some exciting new projects. As you all know, we’re rapidly approaching the launch of Harper’s Globe, which will run in conjunction with CBS’s new show, Harper’s Island. HarpersGlobe.com will be hosted on the latest iteration of our software and will offer a ton of new features that I think you’re all going to be very excited about. The show page, profile pages, and forums have a received a MAJOR overhaul and will make it much easier for you to enjoy the show and discuss with your friends.

Despite this, we haven’t forgotten about the LG15 community. We can’t “flip a switch” and upgrade LG15.com, but we’ll be working rapidly to upgrade the database schema to match the new framework and re-launch LG15.com with the new features. That’s right, all the features you see on HarpersGlobe.com will make their way to LG15.com in the near future. Finally, I know that it’s been tough for Zoey to run the LGPedia without a lot of help, and it’s particularly frustrating for me because I love using it as a resource. We don’t have someone inside the company dedicated to the job, but we’re very fortunate to now have user “FH14″ (Andrew IRL) who will work with Zoey as an admin on the LGPedia. We’ve spent some time thinking about the best way to run the LGPedia and have prepared a mission statement to guide admins and community editors to make it the best resource for all members of the LG15 community:

“The goal of the LGPedia is to compile the most accurate and thorough knowledge base of everything in the LG15 Universe. It is a community-editable wiki and will contain both official information and photos released by the LG15 team and other material created and edited by the community. At times, we may need to lock pages and/or make “official” edits in order to correct mis-information or protect the privacy of members of the various productions. We’ll work with the community to keep the LGPedia branding consistent with the LG15 Universe and various productions. This may mean providing official photos for actors and crew, official logos, and other elements that will improve the information offered in the LGPedia. Although we’re big fans of every great web series out there, because the LGPedia is dedicated to the LG15 Universe, it should only include information about shows in the LG15 Universe or featured on LG15.com. For instance, “Harper’s Globe” will have it’s own wiki on HarpersGlobe.com where you can compile information relevant to the Harper’s Island/Globe Universe. If unrelated shows are included in the LGPedia, it should only be as a reference or link to the appropriate external website (e.g. to reference other productions LG15 cast/crew are a part of). Thanks for working with us to make the LGPedia the best resource for members of the LG15 community around the world.”

Thanks everyone and enjoy both LG15: The Last and Harper’s Globe.



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  1. Hmph, well I think Kevin should be an Admin, too. He's the only other one that edits the 'Pedia, and he contributes a lot as well...

  2. Kevin does a great job! FH14's been around quite a bit longer, and I know he's working closely with Kevin right now. Other folks are welcome to get involved too and help build out the 'pedia pages. This is a great opportunity, with N1kola and The Last still pretty new and continuing the LG15 universe!

  3. Actually, Broken Kid -- (and this is Kevin) -- I've been editing for longer than one could assume with a quick glance at my account.

    I previously edited on the LGPedia account of SilverBULLETx3, so I've been editing aptly since November 28, 2006. I just recently switched my account to Kevin for something simpler just this September.



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