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Friday, March 13, 2009

No LG15 this year - at SXSW?

Anon has pointed out this was in response to: @1timstreet (at actual @ was @1timstreet1, which is a dead link but we assume this was a typing error)

"@ggoodfried you are such a grown up. How come Harper's Island is not at sxsw?"

From Twitter

"@1timstreet1 No LG15 this year, too much to do with launching @Harpers_Globe/www.harpersglobe.com'

Greg Goodfried'



  1. One can only assume he meant to say Lg15: The Resistance.

  2. Way to take things out of context. He was replying to a tweet asking if there would be anyone from LG15 at SXSW, to which he answered no.

  3. ahhhh, thanks....... we only saw what was written

    will post your clarification..... it did seem a bit of a surprises but it fit with they way they have been focussed on Harper's Globe.

  4. I think he was actually responding to: @agoodfried What? No LG15 peeps at SXSW?


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