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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Day In LG15 History Does Not Exist: March 24, 2007

First off, this post does not exist.

March 24, 2007, two years ago today, witnessed perhaps the greatest non-event in the history of the Breeniverse.

On that fateful day, Joe posted comment 436 to Vegas Baby!, where Bree had declared: "We can't post videos anymore, guys. This is how they found us. We're gonna upload this and that's it."

Bree's comment appeared to be addressing the great Who Sees What debate of the time. In other words: Who in the Breeniverse is able to see which videos? This issue first arose very early in the Lonelygirl15 storyline, with fans questioning how Bree's parents could not be aware of her rising fame. We were told by Bree that her parents were clueless about the internet.

But once we learned about the Order, everyone wanted to know if the Order was watching the videos, or even if Daniel, Jonas, and Bree were all watching each other's videos. Endless debates were had on this topic. Memories of thinking Bree might be real were still fresh, and most fans generally demanded more realism from lonelygirl15 then they would from a regular TV show.

To address this debate, the Creators announced a plan that some future videos would be posted as "Private Transmissions", a fictional construct, and fans were supportive of the idea.

Thus, comment 436 was posted after Bree declared that no more videos would be coming:
Note that joe's comment now appears as comment 437 above, but it really was comment 436 at the time, as reflected in this mysterious screenshot taken minutes after its original posting:

The next video released after Vegas Baby! was Subjects Apprehended, the first of three private videos posted from the viewpoint of someone within the Order. From all appearances, the concept of "private videos" then disappeared into the 436 from whence it came, never again to be used on lonelygirl15.

The term 436 has since come to mean the mysterious force into which things sometimes disappear in the Breeniverse, such as newly posted videos, websites, promises, etc. KateModern included many references to 436, including a video titled Love on the 436 (June 20, 2008).

It is beyond the scope of this blogpost to detail every possible use of the 436, especially since it does not exist.


  1. this comment does not exist.

  2. This comment also does no exist :)

  3. The 436 is the sound of one hand clapping.



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