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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twitter from the Streamy Awards

Twitter coverage: http://twitter.com/KnightsofGuild

KnightsofGuild: For the LG15 fans, I am four seats down from Tara Rushton
KnightsofGuild: Felicia and Sandeep are the first presenters of the night

Best Reality Show - The Shatner Experience

Best Male Actor in a Comedy Webseries is Neil Patrick Harris

Alex Albrecht takes Best web series host for project lore
Pink wins Best directing for dramatic web series
Best Director in a Comedy Series goes to Joss Whedon.
Joss's speech was inspirational
The Guild wins Best ensemble cast SO WELL DESERVED
Dr Horrible wins best comedy writing

Best writing dramatic series Battlestar Galactica So say we all
Best ad integration to Back on Tops for Sywsf
Oops Skype The Sklar Brothers are giving a hilarious speech Love them
Best hosted web series goes to Epic Fu
Best animation goes to The Meth Minute 39
Best guest star in a web series goes to Paul Rudd in Wainy Days
Rosario Dawson won for Best Female Actress in a Dramatic Series.
Best Male in a web series goes to Allesandro Juliano from Battlestar Galactica
Best actress in a comedy series goes to FELICIA DAY
Felicas speech just got everyone so excited I have tears in my eyes right now
Best comedy series goes to THE GUILD
Battlestar Galactica wins Best dramatic series

Final award of the night presented by Lisa Kudrow Peoples Choice
Peoples Choice goes to Dr Horrible
I want to Thank our very own JenniPowell for the live Tweets during the Streamys.

Audience Choice Award! 2 on 12seconds.tv

See the full award list: http://12seconds.tv/streamys

Photos from the Streamys: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157615964015493/



  1. Oh, and as expected the 436 took home the best non-existent award.

  2. It was a great night! Totally fantastic and thank you for getting this up so quickly. It was all a blur and having this brings it all back!

    Twitter was awash with chatter last night - especially as the live stream was somewhat tardy is appearing. But the tweets from @KnightsofGuild were awesome. I was so busy trying to get screen grabs, watching Twitter and following the chat over at watchtheguild.com that I hope they put up the live feed again so I can watch it through and really savour it.

    Congrats to all!

  3. I tried to stay as quick as I could with getting the winners out. My date, Rob Welkner (Coin-Op TV, www.thestream.tv), was totally making fun of me, going, "are you going to Twitter EVERY Award?" Teehee, I guess I'm glad I did! I figured EVERYONE was going to be doing that.

    And I tried to play a little prank and say that Sean Becker had won the directing award but that twit didn't go through...so when I said I had done a prank it really confused poor modelmotion. Sorry about that MM!!


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