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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Urgency - Chas (LG15: The Last)

Who's paranoid now?!

"Chopin Etude Op.10 No.12" by Berrycomposer
"Space Blues" by Gizmogeeks


Should this transmission be trusted? How do we know its not the Order sending us on some wild goose chase? We can't trust anything we see..they may be telling us this so we don't go and find Jayde in QLD and so they can take her...I'm so scared! I don't know who or what to trust anymore..these ideas float around in my head and I can't help thinking what if?!

I totally agree with you femaleprodigy to the extent about who can you trust..but I've been with Mitch for just over a year now and i really do trust him and i love him alot. Toni, yeah she's a new friend but she is in danger too, she has no reason to lie to me, I want to protect her, she is going to get Jayde for us so thats a good thing. Separate we are vulnerable, together we are strong and can defy the Order

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  1. I'm a little confused, who made the video?

  2. Also,
    It doesn't look like many people are watching the videos. They're posting videos every day, they're good, so far no plot holes. Hardly any comments on LG15; which is bad because it looks like the characters actually go on there asking for help.

    What's going on? Did what few fans LG15 had left from from last year finally move on?

  3. Im hanging in there but probably not for long, I will try to stick around for the last, seeing Melanie on Harper's Globe does make me want to stay a lil longer:)

  4. The Last guys have already pumped out 4 videos this week - that way more than they were required to deliver.

    harper's globe, on the other hand, is a slick production, with major marketing and astroturfing going on to push it.

    the last show promise.

  5. Here's my $.02, first I think some fans feel slighted over the sites. They relaunched lg15, solicited feedback and promised to make fixes and roll out new features. Instead, they took all that feedback and put in into the Harper's Globe site and ignored the lg15 site. Basically using everyone as guinea pigs. If there were a common log in that would be great but there isn't and let's face it I don't think there are enough hardcore EQALians to become invested in both shows. A common log in or some sort of bridge would help. That there isn't one says a lot.

    If you don't believe any of that they featured the HG trailer on the main lonelygirl15 YouTube site with the 100,000 subs and not the Last. Viewers take their cues from the top and it's obvious the big push is toward HG.

  6. Unfortunately there was not much going on in comments for a long time. Right when The Last launched and LG15.com was just beginning to jump back to life Eqal, Inc. chose to launch a new site with advanced features for HG. This happened within hours of The Last getting going and was heavily promoted by Eqal, Inc. Clearly Eqal's survival depends more on HG than LG but it would have been nice if they had at least given the last one day or perhaps two in order to get up and running before sucking what life there was out of LG15.com.

    Hopefully over time The Last can build a following organically. They certainly deserve it. Also hopefully Eqal will be more aggressive in helping promote the last but we know they are very busy with HG. That said, it is up to all fans to go out and promote The Last to your friends and co-workers and hopefully build an audience that can sustain this show with the following it deserves.


  7. I think part of the problem is that peoples habits have changed in the lull. With no promised future of the Eqal made version of LG15, and with the long LONG break from videos its just lost a lot of steam.

    Even I don't have the time for it that I used too. It's not that I don't love the show and like to show support, but my department is smaller so sometimes the workload is a lot different.

    Once people get into a routine of checking it'll probably wake back up. But habits have been broken and need to be re-formed.


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