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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

The Creators of LG15: The Last on GlennFM!! - on BreeFM !!!!

Glenn said that LG15: The Last is community involvement the likes of which we have not seen for quite some time. You can either ask a question in the BreeFM chat room or e-mail it to glenn at [email protected] LG15: The Last is off to a really good start. Glenn is impressed by it and he enjoyed the pilot and the teaser trailer. With a crew from Australia,LG15: The Last is expanding the globalisation of the Breeniverse.

While waiting for The Last, Glenn tried an impromptu PSA based on something that happened to him the other night. The message was to talk about culinary safety. Take the seeds out of the peppers if you want to lower the heat but wear protective gloves because the inside of a pepper can cause chemical style burns. If you do get anything on your skin wash it very, very carefully to prevent a burn.

Andrew Strouthos
Catherine Williams
Emily Rose Robinson
Samantha Carr

Sam, Em, Cat and Andrew are all present.

Sam: was a closet LG15 fan. She got into the show after Bree was found to be fake...around the time of Sarah and Jules.

Andrew: studying media at the moment.

Sam: TSIY - saw the post and ran to Andrew and told him that he had to do it. Then she ran to Em for help writing. Then Cat joined and they all got involved. Andrews dining room has become a production office. Since Australia is smaller in terms of population they decided there would be 5 trait positive girls.

The production cycle was very quick for the pilot. It took 3 days to upload to get the right video quality. They wanted to push the Australian thing because it had not been done before.

They had to look up some things to make sure they were getting everything right. They did not figure they were going to win.

When The Misfits was announced as a winner and The Last was also anounces as a runner up they were blown away. Then it turned into this.

After the teaser was posted it got peoples attention. They wanted to do something great. The had to rewrite scripts because of what happened with The Misfits. The atmosphere and the idea are there but some of it had to be staged.

They are about three quarters way through production. It has been hectic. It is very organic. It helps that the actors are also helping write.

Eqal, Inc. has given a lot of help and they are in constant contact with Amanda. The have been given free reign provided they check in with the ideas.

They are spending the $2500 on getting to location, make up, and camera equipment. They are shooting with a Canon AHX1 and a Sony HD, 1080i interlaced.....and put into progressive for you tube.

They had been looking into doing a web series and when this came up it was perfect. They pick up character influences from friends and family.

LG15: The Last is about 5 trait positive girls. Glenn asked about Cassie!

They had watched a few of the community video series. They love the way the community revolves around LG15. They wanted to remind people that they are "the community".

They are located in Sydney near the opera house.

Glenn used to watch the UK show "Coupling" and discovered that Australia was founded by convicts. Australia "started" as a British colony and they sent the convicts there.

There are not a lot of Australian web series. They mentioned "OzGirlTV". The USA is a huge exporter of entertainment properties so it is hard to compete. They talked about how the Internet helps find shows from other cultures.

What do they like online: The Guild is awesome. Evil Guana productions is very good. A lot of youtube stuff. Zeitgest (Cat is obsessed with conspiracy theories).

What TV do they like: Dexter, House, CSI, Gossip Girl, Friends, Heroes, Sex In The City. They are very much behind the USA. They can be as much as two seasons behind.

They talked about all the international versions of The Office.

Beyond The Last?: there is a competition to do an "ad" that they hope to do as a project together. There have been so many contests over the past year. They are very open to a season 2 of LG15: The Last. They are sad that they are getting to the end of producing season 1. They are thinking of how they can leave it open ended.

Will there be a 12in12?: They signed an NDO so they cannot disclose. Just watch. There will be announcements leading up to it.

Glenn was amused by the last name Sarah now has. He never really thought about the characters last names.

The Last team has been pressed for time but it makes them more creative. They would love longer than 8 weeks but they think they have a great 8 weeks planned.

They thanked PJ for the caricature drawings

Because they are in Australia the potential for a live event is limited. They do plan some live chats with characters. You might get to meet Chas.

They loved Sarah being a double traitor TWICE in LG15: The Resistance. They love that Danielbeast is back and look forward to a new season of LG15: The Resistance. They like Karl and Terrence.

Their favorite vids: Bree and Daniel. The torture videos. Jonas and Jennie hooking up. They like the controversy. They did some background research in the beginning but now they just turn to Sam with questions since she has watched the entire thing.

They love how fans defend their videos. They love the song Milo did on Anchor Cove.

Shout outs: Mitchcontrol and the people on LG15.com. They love the support from the community and are quite blown away. Keep watching. This week is a bit slow but there is some really exciting stuff as it picks up. They try to show different parts of Australia.

Glenn gave a big thanks to LG15: The Last for the skype conference interview. Everyone enjoyed a great chat with LG15: The Last in the BreeFM IRC chat room after the interview. Jeromy of Maddison Atkins and Jenni Powell also joined the chat so it was a really amazing and fun community reunion. Please give this great community series your full support. There stuff is awesome!!!!

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]



  1. ooo be careful with Zietguiest its got some very accurate infomation and it at least teaches you to challenge all athority and relook at history for yourself rather than what tv tells you. But it goes off the beaten path in Addendum and offers its own solution and sends you in the wrong direction in terms of being consious of the governments activities

  2. oh dear, "thinking" for yourself...that will not end well.....The Order will not be happy....

  3. I did not hook up with Jonas...that was Jennie.


  4. Maybe the question is: would you hook up with Jonas?



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