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Monday, March 2, 2009

Wondercon 2009: Exclusive -- Katie Cassidy and the Creators of 'Harper's Island'

::::: SPOILER ALERT:::::

In the show's pilot episode, there are hints of supernatural forces at play on the island.


Pix source: http://phodroid.com/09/03/n2mw2s


  1. let me guess - an island, supernatural forces, "suspenseful", most likely ARG elements... do we have a poorly executed LOST ripoff coming our way? i'm so excited!! :(

  2. Looks like Katie Cassidy has been cast in the revamp of Melorse Place.

  3. YES....Katie Cassidy is awesome and her work as an actor is continually improving. Can't wait for Harpers Island and then Melrose Place! Love this girl! The more I see her work,the more I want!

  4. It doesn't really look like a Lost rip-off to me and I'm a huge Lostie.

    That's like saying you can never set anything remotely Sci-fi on an island again. Let's hope not. I like sci-fi TV shows, on and off island.


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