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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bray on LG15 comments board.

FemaleProdigy on Twitter:

Bray is talking to 5 lovely ladies on the LG15 Boards right now.. LOL


ladies please behave yourselves i dont wanna have to get serious ;-)

yea its healing pretty much healed..
jayde is awake and says hi all and i hear other movements in the house

you should see what jaydes wearing..or isnt wearing ;-)

ugh bray!

uh oh jaydes gone to get changed now that last post was from her

come on whats this fish? u talkin in code now? im not good at codes, those horroglyphs sucked
sarah? no im nothin like herof course u can trust me

still havent told toni yet

ugh id love some maccas right now
pervy? she walked in like that what was i supposed to do? i cant type with my eyes shut u no
what haven't you told me?

Hey FP
Bray, what haven't you told me?

haha nice one anne
hey toni where the hell are u?

erica its aussie for McDonalds
I'm in the bedroom. reading, or I was

What haven't you told me???

i think its time i tell u toni..
I've been silently observing.
What are you going to tell me? Your sorry for making me cut my hand?

no thats ur fault u "idiot" :-P
i was gonna say i feel so stupid at how smart ur horroglyphs were..
if u were observing...is jayde in the bedroom with u? oh dear this could be trouble..
no she's not here.
Smart? so you no longer think that I'm an idiot?

marriage? That would mean commitment and being serious

Follow along the the chat live: http://www.lg15.com/bbsposts/list/27/86/774/20

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