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Friday, April 17, 2009


by FemaleProdigy

Well, Jason reminded me about the CTA so I'm going to tell you a wonderful story but not about when my battery was dead but when I was in a location that my service was not available.

When you live in a town that is very small and the population is not very high, you should never expect to get great service all the time. I live in a small town in central Pennsylvania. It is located about 40 minutes west of the state capital, Harrisburg. I don't know the specific population but let me tell you, its not very big.

One day I decided to go to my friends camp a few miles outside of the major town around here. When we got there I didn't even think about my cell phone. I knew it was charged and I knew that it was on. We traveled the few miles up to the camp and parked and decided to cook something on the grill.

After we had our little dinner, it was time to have fun. We decided that a 4-wheeler ride would be a perfect thing to do. She drove and I sat behind her. We started up the road and decided to go up the mountain a bit. It was pretty high and we knew that her uncle had driven up it so we figured we were safe to do it. Lets just say going up the mountain was easy it was the going down that caused a some real problems.

We started down the mountain and everything was going well. And suddenly we lost brakes!!! We freaked out and both jumped off instead of going down the mountain and risking getting killed. All I did was skin my elbows and shoulder, she dislocated her shoulder. We watched as the 4 wheeler went rolling down the mountain. With my friends shoulder being dislocated she was in some pretty major pain so I go to pull out my cellphone that thankfully was not broken from our jump off. I go and dial the number and beep beep beep NO SERVICE... "oh are you for real?" I kept trying and trying and decided to walk up a little further hoping the higher I got the better it would get but with no luck.

We ended up starting to walk down the mountain and luckily a 4 wheel drive truck passed us and helped get the 4wheeler (which was pretty messed up) and us to the ER! Lets just say after that day I haven't been on one since!

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Our next CTA is very special and very important. This is not a Community Action Post; no no, it’s more than that. This is an audition. That’s right, we’re giving you a chance to STAR in an episode of Harper’s Globe!!!

We’re looking for a Glober who can produce a high-quality video in a very short amount of time. Here’s how you play: Post a 90-second video of you talking about a theory you have about the Harper’s Universe. It could be about Dangerous Wreck or Robin’s past, who you think the killer is on Harper’s Island, ANYTHING. The video should highlight your personality and editing skills, so be as charismatic and creative as you can. We need these entries FAST, so the due date for this CAP is Monday at 5pm PST.

Whomever we pick will need to be able to turnaround a video in less than 2 days, so please make sure you are available to vlog next week. For the winner, the video we ask you to make WILL appear in an upcoming episode of Harper’s Globe!

To submit the content, simply post your awesome, well-edited audition video to your profile, and then flag it as “Cool”. Also, make sure to announce your upload in the CTA: STAR In An Episode of Harper’s Globe, so that everyone can enjoy your work. Your deadline is Monday 4/20 @ 5pm PST.

Go Globers Go!

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