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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Community Content Discussion OVER!

For those of you that care, the community content discussion has come to completion, and we are now in the process of refiling content. If you would like to help, here's how it's going down:

I'm going through EVERYTHING listed in Category:User Generated Content, to make sure I catch everything.

  1. Tag main content page with {{community content}}. (You may want to read the new pages about how I'm implementing it.)

    1. If it's content that was never featured or not part of a series with extended coverage, mark it for deletion. (Mark any images included on these pages for deletion, as well.)

    2. Videos that were featured are to be tagged as basic coverage, with a link to where they were featured. Also, add these to Category:Featured content.

    3. I'm basing ratings off of the old LGPedia:UGC Tier List, but factoring in the new rating system - all tier 1 and 2s will get basic coverage, 3s and 4s will generally get partially-full; use your judgment.

  2. Add content to Community Content/Series, Community Content/Videos, or Community Content/Other, based on what they are ("other" being things like commentors).

  3. Move content from Category:User Generated Content to Category:Community content, with series being signified as such by going in Category:Community series.

Note that some series will be pared back, due to the new coverage guidelines, but this will be done AFTER this step. This piece is merely an opportunity to flesh out content and get everything easier to find for those that wish to find it.


  1. One key issue is that there should be a clear distinction between the tag for content that will actually be deleted permanently vs content that will be moved and re-organized.

    Frequently people get upset over the "deletion tag" only to find out later that the content is actually being moved. If we made a clear distinction between these two very different events it would make what is going on much clearer.

  2. Anything that I found while I was going through this that actually was intended to be deleted got the delete tag. I used the merge tag or cleanup tag everywhere else.

    I did leave the delete tag in a few places, but where they were, I think it was pretty obvious why they were there.

  3. By the way, mm, since I'm done, you can re-organize the series/videos/etc. to whatever you think would look best. I stripped the page to make sure all of the series were accounted for, but I'm not sure what the best way to re-organize them would be.


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