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Friday, April 24, 2009

THE ENNEAD - Episode 05 (HD)

THE ENNEAD is an original 26 episode web series by Terry Miles.

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For centuries, behind the scenes, two sides have been fighting a war. In the quest for any advantage, both sides are searching for The Eternals, Nine of them are known as The Ennead. The Eternals have helped shape the destiny of the world from the beginning of time, but centuries ago they vanished.

Now time is running out, and finding The Eternals might be this worlds last hope. It was prophesized that a mysterious comet would enter the Earths atmosphere just before the Apocalypse.

The comet has arrived.

The comets arrival has an effect on a select group of humans. They appear to be evolving in remarkable ways, but is it coincidence? Or could they be The Eternals, come back to save the world from a second Dark Ages

Theres another problem: five apparent strangers wake up in the woods, strange items in the their pockets. Unsure of who, where, or when, they are, they begin to deal with their immediate concern: survival.

As their memories slowly begin to return, they begin to suspect that everything is not quite what it seems, and that they might not be strangers after all.

The Ennead

An original series by Terry Miles


1 comment:

  1. I think this is a very good webseries, I love the suspense and mystery in it.


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