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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Helper or Hostage - (theCoalition)

Helper or Hostage

After 2 weeks of tedious work starting at the LARP conference, then at the UnFiction forums and theCoalition website, the final destination of the "Double Helix" puzzle has been solved.


Below is a transcript as deciphered by Jazmyn Grey:
My name is Kimberly.
Kimberly *Tyler* Edwards.
They call me Tango.
Two years ago I was abducted from outside my house by a man and a woman. Agents of an organization known to some as The Big Evil.
There are others like me. Some in captivity and some in *protected surroundings*.
I am one of the fortunate ones. I was located and rescued by an underground network of freedom fighters known as The Coalition. (a white flash obscures the screen for a second)
Certain individuals are genetically predisposed to be adaptable to *genetic* manipulation, genetic *unintelligible* or the enhancement of certain metaphysical talents.
I am one of them. Now I am volunteering to undergo regular deprogramming exercises *unintelligible* I know it may be used to save and protect the innocent.
We are here. We are *you*. We are the Coalition. Join us.

We are theCoalition


  1. The video is a must watch! If anyone can make out the unintelligible parts please let me know! The transcript is at the coalition website. http://tinyurl.com/ch67s3

  2. ...in the hope that the information I know....


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