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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hieroglyphs (LG15: The Last)

posted on LG15.com by Toni: http://www.lg15.com/blog_entry/view/12880/778

I know that some of you have all been wondering what the solution to the hieroglyphs were and since no one in the house is talking to me, I have the perfect opportunity to post this to you guys.

Can I just say, you all did an amazing job!

I just want to give a few shoutouts to

You guys were amazing in deciphering it! I couldn't believe how much effort you guys put in! Thank you.

I couldn't believe that they sent Bray to pick me up! He still owes me a phone.

The translation as I had it...

"To ask for" and because the sitting man was next to that word it means "I"

so the first sentence "I ask for / beg"

second. Once again has the little man next to it. The sentence reads "followed or following" + with the "I" in there it reads "followed, I"

final symbols together mean "to give, to command"

so... so far, a lot of hieroglyphs work is based upon assumption, so Renegade you were very close to how I wanted it to be interpreted.

This is what I had written "I need help" "I'm being followed, give to Chas and Mitch"

"Beg, I ask for" "I Followed" "To Give" "Chas and Mitch"

Yay, that's page 1 :)

Page 2...

First line...

"To travel Southwards" (Travel to Sydney)

Second line...

"In the morn" (There where no words for Tuesday! so I gave it to you :p)

Third line...


Fourth line...


So second page reads...

"To travel southwards, in the morn, among people"

and finally the last page was pretty obvious :)

Flight QF 925



SO.... That's it. Sorry to have caused the massive confusion but you got it and I'm here now... stuck on an island with people that aren't talking to me... hmm maybe I should have stayed at the Gold Coast? (Joking!)

Love to you all


1 comment:

  1. We were close :)
    Mike wins with the first line though. >_>

    And Apo totally needs a shout out! Without him, I'd still be trying to find a numerical code >_<


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