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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maddison Atkins: Pre-Game Puzzles

Read the full post from Jeromy: http://www.maddisonatkins.com/profiles/blogs/pregame-puzzles

However, we want everything to be in your hands without shills or any OOG hints. We want to respect the ARG notion of TiNaG too.

As you all can probably see, these dynamics are all tough to balance.

These puzzles serve several purposes for us.

1. We get to reward the die-hard Maddison fans that have returned with the opportunity to earn some inside info.
2. We get to beta test these OOG processes of celebrating fan solves, giving credits, and potential approaches to letting the audience know when certain things are done.
3. We get to practice making puzzles together.
4. And you all get to have fun in the process... hopefully.

So...that's it. Right now, we are experimenting, and I'm willing to try anything twice. It's the best possible time to chime in with your perspectives.

Thanks in advance.

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