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Monday, April 20, 2009

Rocketboom Relaunches with New Host

It's okay, no one will know.

Caitlin Hill has replaced Joanne Colan as the new anchor of Rocketboom. Rocketboom launched in October 2004, as a daily news program, which quickly grew in popularity and was hailed as the next great Internet sensation (Where have I heard that before?). Joanne Colan herself replaced original Rocketboom host and co-owner Amanda Congdon, who abruptly left in 2006 after a dispute with fellow co-founder and current Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron. Originally inteneded only to be a substitute host, Colan's wit and sexy British accent proved popular with Rocketboom's audience. Colan announced last week that she would be leaving Rocketboom to follow the always vague 'other pursuits.' Apparently, filming a 3 minute video a day leaves little time for other things.

Caitlin Hill stepped in as the new host on Monday. Hill an Australian native living in New York, I guess Andrew Baron likes his girls with accents, began her rise to Internet fame by posting her first video in response to an episode of lonelygirl15, in August 2006, and subsiquently went on to become one of YouTube's most popular vloggers.

Also, here is a link to LG15 Episode 29, Poor Pluto, the reason for which will be apparent upon viewing the above video.


  1. what a weird world. rocketboom inspired miles beckett, who started lonelygirl15, who inspired caitlin to start vlogging, and now she's hosting rocketboom. its more convoluted than LOST!

    (mathieas you need to post about your posts on the cove too!!! )

  2. I don't think she is a good fit for a news show, she looks like she is 15.

  3. Mathieas,
    Nothing is more convoluted than Lost.

  4. PS. I think the Pluto thing was done as a subtle way for women to tell men that size does really matter.

    Personally I prefer it when women just flat out lie.

  5. It's relevant to note that in later vlogs, Hill expressed her frustration that though she was a loyal fan of LG15, she was never asked to be a part of the show...even when she was traveling in the United States and made a point to try to contact the C's.

  6. Yes, and isn't it ironic that the C's have now outsourced LG15 production to Australia.

  7. Hmmm...I don't know how she would be included in LG15, but she's watchable. I think she just needs a little bit of hair maintenance and she'll come across a little "older" or something.


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