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Saturday, April 4, 2009

RutEarth29 Denoument: The Return of Whilhelmlol, Chane, and...

I Evade A Exs Grit Rift (Whihelmlol)

War, sir, is raw.
Cut To The Tuckass Kicking (Chane)

We were spotted, but I think we're okay for now. I got your email, I'm heading to the spot now. However, if I see a rabbit with a basket I'm out.
Rutka's asking for questions, and I can't answer them mostly because I don't have the answers them selves.

Please, send help ASAP.


PS: Who sent the Faux-clause? It's not who I originally thought it was...who are we fighting against?

Long Awaited (Chane...and..)

This is the fifth time I've tried uploading this, it's really hard to get my internet to stay up, thankfully the place you told us to meet was near a broadcast poll, unfortunately it's frozen over. There's bound to be some jump cuts or bad audio in this, so bear with me it's all I can do.

Rutka's becoming more and more difficult to convince...please show up soon. I'm starting to get a bad feeling.



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