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Thursday, April 9, 2009

We Travel the 'Harper's Globe' with the Cast and Crew!

Merkosky: It was really cool and exciting, because there is nothing like it out there. I was immediately excited. When I came in to audition, I didn't even know EQAL [the company behind LonelyGirl15, in which Merkosky starred] was behind this.


Series debut: Harper’s Island
I have read many super negative reviews of this murder-a-week television “event”. But, seriously people.

Harper’s Island Premieres With a Little Help From Harper’s Globe

Ben actually figures significantly in the first 10 minutes or so of the Harper’s Island pilot, which means TV viewers coming in fresh will have no trouble following his storyline, and Harper’s Globe fans will have the fun of recognizing a familiar face.

CBS’ ‘Harper’s Island’ Offers Online Companion
Melanie Merkosky, who stars as Robin, explained to AccessHollywood.com at the Streamy Awards on Saturday how her character is connected to the “Harper’s” universe.

TV Review: Harper's Island

"But the problem with CBS' new horror-mystery-soap mash-up is that it's completely earnest in its awfulness: the clunky dialogue full of lines you've heard before; the plot twists you remember from every B horror movie; ................"

First Look: My Review of CBS’s Harper’s Island

Overall: Not that great, but I just might continue watching, just to see how it goes.


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