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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 436 pulls off the double!

The 436 has taken down both LG15.com and HarpersGlobe.com at the same time!!!!!

Joe could not be reached for comment.

:::: UPDATE: after an outage of approximately 52 min both sites appear to have struggled free of the 436.


  1. I sense either a redesign/revamp coming on...either that or it's just the Creators not paying attention to the 436! D:

  2. Thank god it wasn't just me. I thought the 436 had begun to take over my computer!

  3. Funny, my internet connection at home has been down till now. It is 436.

  4. They're back out again. WTF is with this 436? It seems to have elasta-grip or something.


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