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Sunday, May 24, 2009

andycat.com (Harper's Globe???)


R.I.P. Cheshire Cat
Posted in Uncategorized on May 22, 2009 by andycat1
Robin, if you are reading this, I am probably dead. He has found me, and he has killed me. Please do not blame yourself for my death; I have expected this moment for many years.

There is so much to tell you, so much you need to know. But if he finds the answers here, all will be lost. I have pre-set this blog to release new posts automatically. Each post will help you. Read them carefully, for there are words and pictures, and much more beneath…

Good luck, Robin Matthews. I hope you do not meet the same fate I did.


bluedaisy posted:

yes cc is andrew cullen and the "fate of my father, the real cc" means his real father is christopher cullen
Glen Seay posted:

And with the order of the blogs, CC seems to be saying:

1 If you are reading this, I am already dead.

2. My name is Andy Cullen.

3. John Wakefield killed my father, Christopher Cullen (the real CC)

4. I tried to help him (father); I am trying to help you.

As of right now, I am thinking this blog will "auto-update" once a day after CC is found dead.

NOTE: There are substantially different opinions on whether or not the "found" web site is related to Harper's Globe or not. What do you think?

gina posted:

I can't buy it that EQAL / CBS would have any part in using a real, and recent tragedy. It is fishy...creepy. And the clues...well nothing new really. I am confused, disturb and anxiously awaiting clarification from Jason.
Kassi posted:

To tell you the truth, I think that some of the others are onto something about this being a fake done by an overzealous fan. Albeit, we've had two puzzles that have used similar methods (i.e., figuring out passwords), but they've never been right next to each other. Also, someone (I think it was Aeth) was right in saying that the writing style is certainly more eloquent than usual. When we see CC's writing, it's usually very choppy, very simple, in "texting" format. And while Eqal has used real sites, it's usually generic sites, like Twitter or Photobucket. The other stuff seems to be made up. I just don't see Eqal or CBS condoning the use of a real tragedy in a game. Also, the puzzles itself are very simplistic, whereas the puzzles we've had so far have proven to be a slight headache--enough for us to wrack our brains and want to tear our hair out (or at least, for me it has been).

And I do believe that the person creating the blog just didn't think of what it would mean to use that particular article as a puzzle. I'm sure they looked at it and thought, "Hey, it's in Wakefield, and it's a death...that's creepy enough and will work." They probably had a brain cramp.
Kelly Lenahan posted:

one look and it looks completely fake to me. like 100% fake as in someone trying to be a character. It's sad that people do that to mislead others :/

katiemodern posted:

kelly lenahan i always agree with you and i agree with you again...EQAL would not exploit a real tragedy...
The Barmaid posted:
It's not hard at all to add fake info for WHOIS during domain registration...the question is - if the article about the girl who was killed is real, then this is a "gamejack" site and I would encourage you all to abandon it as in game. If it can be determined the article about the girl is fictional, then maybe this has merit.

As a rule producers aren't going to end up liable for that sort of invasion of privacy in a game...and would make all content fictional beyond general vague stuff that's neutral. I've not seen the article at all, but from the looks of it, my wager is that this is a jack and not part of HG at all, and will be confirmed as such.

See official statement by Jason on behalf of Eqal, Inc.: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/05/case-of-andycatcom.html

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Vote for the Harper's Island killer: http://harpersislandtoday.blogspot.com


  1. The thing is, if you go back and look at other domains registered by EQAL, the registrants in the whois data isn't actually EQAL. It's Domains by Proxy, Inc.


    And you can put in pretty much whatever name when you're registering a domain. They don't really check it.

    So I'm not sold on its legitimacy.

  2. is this REALLY an issue? It's a freaking Wordpress template put together in under five minutes. The header isn't even that professional.

    It's prolly another iris gamejack.

    Just let it go folks...act like you all got some common sense.


  3. I am not a game jacker...okay?

    Please do not accuse me of being one.

    I have never tried to game jack, your most likely the one that made this.

    Now go to hell, how about that? :)

    Good day.

  4. Btw, im to busy starting my company that i can not worry about these little issues, Gossip away.

    Maybe you will have a lead role on gossip girls?

  5. Starting a company? That's great. Is it a service to find stolen laptops?

  6. oh yeah, that's definitely fanfic.

  7. It's official: It's EQAL. The site wasn't meant to be found yet and is in very beta mode.

  8. lol.

    The First Rule of EQAL: You can never predict the actual truth of anything.

  9. shi: beta versions are what EQAL uses for production use. It must be an alpha ;)


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